All About Green Tea!

The hype of green tea has been trending for some time now and its consumers are increasing frequently. Green tea is mainly consumed for weight loss as well as for its rich antioxidant properties. There are numerous other benefits that include prevention of bad breath, heart diseases, as well as containment of anti-ageing properties. But, we need to be careful about the proper time for green tea consumption, as too much consumption or consuming it at incorrect times may lead to some problems in bodily functions. Listed below are some of the suggestions as to when and how to consume green tea.


2-3 cups a day:

Nutritionists recommend not consuming more than 2-3 cups of green tea per day since it contains plant-based components such as tannins and flavonoids, the over-consumption of which can affect the proper functioning of the liver. Intake if around 2-3 cups of green tea a day can fulfill the requirement of antioxidants in our bodies as green tea is very rich in this compound.


Taking green tea for weight loss:

By boosting metabolism and deterring the absorption of fat, green tea promotes weight loss in our bodies. In order to lose weight, green tea can be consumed with meals. However, if someone has a sensitive stomach, it is best to not consume it right after meals as it hampers nutrient absorption.

It is usually recommended to consume green tea 30-40 before or after meals. Green tea is alkaline in nature and is therefore capable of secreting an extra gastric acid which might interfere with the proper functioning of the stomach and consequently lead to indigestion. Also, it is highly recommended to not consume green tea on an empty stomach as it might lead to stomach imbalance.


Re-usage of tea bags:

Reusing tea bags is highly discouraged as they are highly prone to microbial infestation. Also, when a tea bag is used for the second time, there are high levels of caffeine content present which might not be good for the body. Therefore, it is best to use one green tea bag only once to obtain the maximum benefits.


Having said it all, let’s brew a fresh cup of green tea and sip it to soothe our minds!


Contributor: Maisha Zaman

BRAC University

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