7 Effective Ways to Cure a Headache

We have all been to that stage where we couldn’t help taking painkillers in order to fight against headaches. But very few of us are concerned about the side effects of these drugs. Painkillers are never a permanent solution and that is why we shouldn’t depend on them.


Here we suggest a few effective ways to cure a headache:

  • Relax: Stress or excessive workload is something that might cause a headache. So, you need to relax a bit and give yourself a break. Find a quiet, dark room for yourself and lay down for awhile. Some people feel better after taking a nap, so you might try doing that as well!
  • Listen to relaxing music: Listening to relaxing music is a great way to get rid of a headache. It will also reduce stress!
  • Stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water. Avoid coffee, soft drinks or alcohol as they might dehydrate your body.
  • Eat something healthy: A hypoglycemic headache is something you need to know about if you get frequent headaches. Hypoglycemia is the medical term for a condition when a person’s sugar (glucose) level drops. A hypoglycemic headache is the result of this low blood sugar level. If you have a terrible headache and you haven’t eaten anything for a long time, chances are you have developed this condition. So, eat something sweet and healthy. You could eat a mango or drink orange juice.
  • Drink Ginger Tea: Ginger tea is well- known to ease up a headache. A few slices of ginger should be used while making tea. Drink this tea slowly and breathe in the steam. You will feel better in no time!
  • Apply Peppermint Oil/Lavender Oil: Before using the oil, you need to dilute it using water or olive oil. Massage this oil gently on your forehead and at the back of your jaws.
  • Eat almonds: Almonds contain salicin which helps cure headaches. Eat a few almonds if you are suffering from a headache. But this remedy is not for migraine sufferers as it might worsen the condition.


Contributor: Ishrat Jahan Kashfia

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

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