Effects of depression on the body


Depression can cause a lot of symptoms, many of which are easy to dismiss or ignore. It may be especially difficult to detect in children, who can’t articulate their symptoms, or their older adults, who may blame their symptoms on again.other symptoms of depression include overwhelming sadness, grief and a sense of guilt. People with depression often complain about feeling tired all the time. They also tend to have trouble sleeping. Over eating, over sleeping, skipping work or classes, no sleep, no eat are the symptoms of  depression. Frequent episodes of crying maybe a sign of depression, but not everyone who is depressed cries.


Children get depressed, too. Signs include clinginess, worry and unwillingness to attend school. Depression can cause headaches, chronic body aches and pain that may not respond to medication.


Clinginess: Depressed children may be extremely clingy and refuse to go to school


Aches and Pains: Headache and other aches and pain may plague a person with depression. Often, pain doesn’t improve with medication.


Weight Problems: Using food to cope can lead to obesity-related illness and stomachaches.


Poor Appetite: Appetite changes can cause you to eat less or eat the wrong foods, causing nutritional deficiencies.


Constricted Blood Vessels: Depression and stress causes blood vessels to constrict, raising the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Heart Attack Outcome: People who are depressed are more likely to die following a heart attack.


Weakened Immune System: Depression weakens your ability to fight off disease.


Overwhelming Sadness: Lasting sadness or guilt that won’t quit may be a sign of clinical depression.


Emptiness or hopelessness: It may not be easy to talk about the emptiness or feelings of hopelessness.


Cognitive Changes: Trouble reemerging things or making decisions can make life difficult for people with depression.


Preoccupation with Death: Depression may cause a preoccupation with hurting oneself and increases the risk of suicide.


contributor: Tamrin Afroz  Zilani

North South University

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