Sitting All Day: Side Effects & Suggestions


“Sitting disease” is a nickname for the dangers linked to spending a lot of time sitting each day. When you overdo it and sit more than you’re supposed to, even exercise might not offset the health risks. If you’re unable to move much during your week because of work, it may raise your chances of getting heart disease or diabetes down the road. On the other hand, a person sitting more than 8 hours a day has a high chance of getting cancer or dying early. Gluing yourself to your chair can also put pressure on your spine, and make it harder for you to burn fat. It should be kept in mind that standing more increases your energy, burns more calories, tones muscles, improves your posture and increases blood flow.


Don’t know what to do? Here are some tips on how you could avoid sitting, or sit less than you usually do:

  1. Try to sit less than 3 hours a day. It could help you live longer and healthier. Take a stand for your health!
  2. Take breaks. If you’re in your office and wondering how you could keep yourself away from this “sitting disease”, get up and take short breaks that will get you moving. You could set a timer to remind you about standing up for moving around for a while.
  3. Take the stairs. It will burn some calories as well as increase blood circulation.
  4. Walk after you eat lunch. You don’t need to run or walk fast. Just grab your earphones, put on some good music, and walk around.
  5. Take the long route. The more you walk, the less you’ll sit.
  1. Drink water every hour. Stand up, and refill that water glass. You already know the benefits of drinking water.


Find as many ways as you can to avoid sitting, move more, and stand up for your health!



Contributor: Tarif Tahmeed Khan

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

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