Things to Do before Getting into Bed


No one ever wants to wake up tired in the morning. On the other hand, getting a truly restful night’s sleep requires a little preparation. The most obvious solution to getting a good night’s sleep is to maximize the quality of your sleep, squeezing as much rest and energy out of every hour in your bed as possible.

Here are a few simple actions that can ensure waking up rested and ready to go:



  • Set a schedule: This is the first step you should take in order to get better sleep at night. Set a fixed sleep schedule and stick to it. If it seems impossible to sleep at a fix time, then set an alarm for sleeping.
  • Set a pre-bed diet: No one is designed to digest and sleep at the same time. Do your best to make sure you either have that heavy dinner early in the night or stick to lighter foods if you’ll be eating later.
  • Power off your gadgets: The light emitted from electronic devices can keep you up for a longer period of time. It is suggested to turn off all gadgets a good hour or two before going to bed.
  • Set the environment: The ideal sleeping environment should be dark, quiet, and cool. So, noise and light should be eliminated.
  • Adopt a bedtime ritual:  Develop series of relaxing actions you perform each night that act as your own personal off switch. Reading is a good example.
  • Stretch: Lie on your back with the soles of your feet together and your knees bent and dropping toward the floor. Place your arms, palms up, by your sides, keeping your shoulders back and your chest open. This is important for those who spend a good portion of the day using the computer, or otherwise in postures that leave you with a lot of tension.
  • Don’t stress: A regular sleep schedule can be great, but don’t be a slave it. You may stress out if you’re not sleepy at the “right” time. Stressing out will eventually keep you up for a longer period of time.



Contributor: Tarif Tahmeed Khan

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

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